Utility Billing

  • A minimum fee for 2,000 gallons will be charged regardless of consumption
  • An additional charge of 10% will be added to all bills not paid by the discount date stated on the bill.

Payment Options

  • Automatic Draft from checking or savings
  • Phone 833-209-4457 ($1.25 Service Fee)
  • Mail-in
  • Come inside City Hall or use the drive-thru window
  • Use the night drop box
  • Online ($1.25 Service Fee)

Payment Options

Mon-Fri, 7:00am – 4:00pm

Phone: (931) 484-5113

City of Crossville
392 N Main Street
Crossville, TN 38555

Water Rates:
Inside City: $5.34/1,000 gals
Outside City: $8.02/1,000 gals

Sewer Rates:
Inside City: $7.54/1,000 gals of water used
Outside City: $11.31/1,000 gals of water used

Leak Adjustments

Customers are automatically enrolled into the Water Leak and Sewer Leak Relief program. As a participant in the program, customers are eligible for a benefit claim in the event of a qualifying water or sewer leak. Participants are allowed up to two claims per 12 month period. Benefit claim is limited to $2500 per qualifying leak.

The benefit claim amount is based on the difference between your average monthly bill (based on the last 12 months) and your water/sewer leak bill amount. To qualify, a leak must cause your bill to exceed 200% of your average monthly bill amount (based on the last 12 months). Participants are subject to an initial 30 day waiting period before benefit claims can be made. Program is subject to Terms & Conditions.

Participation in the Water Leak Relief program is optional. If you choose not to participate, you may opt out by calling toll free 1-855-426-7655.

**Important Notice**
If you choose to opt out of the program, your bill will not be adjusted in the event of a water or sewer leak.

Additional Service Programs – Participants in the Water Line Relief and Sewer Line Relief programs are also eligible for up to $10,000 in qualifying water/sewer line break repairs. These services can be added by calling 1-855-426-7655

Monthly Fees

Water & Sewer Leak Relief (Auto Enrolled)

Residential: $1.65
Commercial – Single Occupancy: $5.00
Commercial – Multiple Occupancy: $9.75

Water Line Relief (Not Auto Enrolled)

Residential: $4.90
Commercial – Single Occupancy: $13.45
Commercial – Multiple Occupancy: $26.95

Sewer Line Relief (Not Auto Enrolled)

Residential: $6.45
Commercial – Single Occupancy: $13.45
Commercial – Multiple Occupancy: $26.95

Water Meter

Please keep all meters free of weeds, trees, rocks, debris, or other structures which hinder reading and maintenance work. No fences shall be erected around meters without gates accessible from the street directly, and in close proximity, to the meter. No animals shall be kept around meters which could be hazardous to city employees or their representatives.

Service Establishment Fees

Non-refundable service charge for new accounts (payable upon application for service):

a. Residential/homeowner $50
b. Residential/renter $75
c. Commercial/industrial $75


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