Street Department

Street Division

Kevin Music


  • Maintain the surface and shoulders of approximately 100 miles of city streets. Within that 100 miles of asphalt there are approximately 288 named streets.
  • Maintain the right of ways, ditch lines and culverts crossing underneath and along side the roads.
  • Maintain the 30 signalized intersections. That is over 800 bulbs that can go out at any given time. The street lighting is maintained in association with Volunteer Electric Corporation.
  • The signage for the streets is a combination of a maintained inventory of purchased signs on a yearly bid and signs constructed in house by the street department. All
    installation and maintenance of the street signs is performed by the street department.
  • Approximately 150 to 200 yards of concrete is placed a year in the maintenance of the curb and gutter, sidewalks and storm sewer.
  • The street department assists the Fire and Police with any street closures needed for parades, town events, mock disasters, real disasters as well as major wrecks.
  • We are the crew that works and does the set up and clean up for Depot Days, the Christmas Parade, the Bicycle Races and all other special events that require a street
    closure that is put on by the City (Street Closure Policy).
  • Hang the banners for the City as well as the high school banners. We maintain the “Welcome to Crossville” signs.
  • Snow removal and salting of the streets for the City.
  • The street department is responsible for the sweeping of the curbed streets.
  • Responsible for all the lines and markings from Stop bars or yellow curbs for no parking areas.
  • The street department answers approximately 50 emergencies and after hour calls a year.