Catoosa Utility Department

Hours M-F 7:00-5:00

Jeff Johnson Director
5581 Plateau Rd.
Crossville TN 38571

PHONE 931-277-5126
FAX 931-277-5562

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Water Rates
Inside City: $5.34/1,000 Gals
Outside City: $8.02/1,000 Gals

A minimum fee for 2,000 gallons will be charged regardless of consumption

An additional charge of 10% will be added to all bills not paid by the discount date stated on the bill.

Payment Options

  • Automatic Draft from checking or savings
  • Call in using a Visa or Mastercard
  • Mail-in
  • At City Hall 392 N. Main St. or Catoosa Dept. 5581 Plateau Rd.
  • Use the night drop box at either location
  • Online

Online Payment Fee Schedule
Up to $50: $1.50
$51 - $100: $2.95
$101 - $150: $3.95
$151 - $300: $4.95
$301 - $600: $6.95
$601 - $999: $9.95
$1000 - up: 3%

Leak Adjustments - Customers can receive two adjustments per year provided the bill is over 50% of their average bill.  Customers will be asked to provide two meter readings collected 3 days apart, after leak is fixed.

Water Meter - Please keep all meters free of weeds, trees, rocks, debris, or other structures which hinder reading and maintenance work. No fences shall be erected around meters without gates accessible from the street directly, and in close proximity, to the meter. No animals shall be kept around meters which could be hazardous to city employees or their representatives.

Service Establishment Fees - Non-refundable service charge for new accounts (payable upon application for service):
a. Residential/homeowner: $50
b. Residential/renter: $75
c. Commercial/industrial: $75