GIS Department

 Geographic Information Systems

The City of Crossville GIS Department maintains all the mapping of water lines, sewer lines, the City Limits, Official City Streets, as well as several other databases. We are members of a GIS Consortium with a few local realtors, E911, Property Assessor's office, and several other Utility Providers. As well as adding support to our local community, we assist other City departments with database management and planning assistance and analysis.


 Downloadable GIS Files in KMZ
for use in Google Earth:

Crossville City Limits (March 2017)
Crossville Urban Growth Boundary

Link to Download Google Earth


After you have installed Google Earth and downloaded the KMZ file,
Double Click the KMZ and Google Earth will open. The KMZ file will be shown under Temporary Places. You may then right click the KMZ file and choose "Save To My Places" and it will be saved in your Google Earth.


 Downloadable Maps in PDF